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Cloud-based communication you can rely on

Our cloud-based communication systems offer many benefits including greatly reducing costs, easily providing business-class phone features, leveraging VoIP phone service technology, and maintaining business continuity. Easily adjust your services to meet your specific business needs—scaling up or down as your requirements demand.

Whether seeking a virtual phone number in a select location to forward to another location or establishing a virtual contact centre, our service offerings provide exceptional quality and service to meet your business needs.

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A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) private box exchange (PBX) is a business telephone system that provides services similar to a standard PBX, but does so over a company's LAN or WAN data network rather than through the circuit-switched networks used by the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network.

Also referred to as an IP PBX, VoIP PBX systems can typically switch calls between VoIP on local lines or between VoIP and traditional telephone users in the same way a PBX does. A VoIP PBX system can be hardware based or can function entirely as a software system.

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