Service In Need

We will provide you with all your IT needs as we provide strategic consulting services, high level IT support and IT consulting services which can be utilized on an ongoing or ad-hoc basis. We can provide you with a outsourced engineer on site who will manage and grow your IT environment or you can make use of our flexible month to month block hour/SLA support solution.

Onsite Outsourced Engineer

  1. Day to day support and management of your IT environment.
  2. Have the backup of IT Trust support personnel on the helpdesk as well as the field engineers.
  3. Backup personnel in case of illness or AWOL.

Outsourced CIO Functions

  1. Engaging with company executives to identify their ICT business needs towards building/developing a leveraged company of the future.
  2. Determine the appropriate model (insourced, outsourced or mixed) and ICT strategy to be used to enable the ICT function to adequately support the company’s business strategy, manage risk, proactively identify opportunities for enhancing the ICT environment, save costs and ensure maximum efficiency in delivering new services when required by business.
  3. Determine the optimal structure for the ICT function. This includes the review and creation of current and new job profiles and their duties to fill the determined organogram.
  4. Determine the appropriate qualifications and skills required for the determined ICT structure.
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Our aim is to help clients rethink, automate and scale their IT infrastructure in the pursuit of business eminence.

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