Comprehensive   SLA

     Included in this contract are the following standard services:

·          Resolve Server related problems

·          Change existing configurations

·          Telephonic/Remote Support (Unlimited)

·          If problem cannot be resolved within 15min a call will be generated and an engineer dispatched

·          On-site remedial Server Support (Hardware or Software)

·          Software distribution, remote back-up services and capacity management (File servers)

·          ITT connect. (Remote server monitoring and support)

·          VM maintenance & support 

   Included in ITT connect. 

1.     Remote server management and support.

2.     Monthly reporting on network performance and stability.

3.     Remote patch management and support.

4.     Remote software distribution and licensing tracking.

5.     Remote audits. (Hardware & Software)

6.     Network change management.

7.     Server downtime reporting

8.     Remote software updates on all servers.

9.     Remote antivirus management.

10.   Remote ticketing support. 


·          Add / remove equipment to your network

·          New installations of Hardware components

·          Relocations or upgrades of existing equipment