IT Trust is a home grown South African IT solutions service provider. We specialise in providing customers with support and maintenance of and for their IT environments. From the network to the desktop and all the parts in between – no matter where you are in the country your IT Trust team will be able to assist you in ensuring your business is always IT ready.  

What do we do? Our specialities include service level agreements, onsite support and consulting, designing and implementation of customised maintenance and support solutions, account management and business development as well as the design and implementation of client specific business improvement models.



Who is IT Trust


Established in 2006 we have grown from a niche provider of IT solutions to a fully blown IT solutions and support business. Today we serve clients in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. Our management team pride themselves in their superior knowledge of IT maintenance and support services in both the networking and desktop environments. 


Key to our success is our focus on customer relationships, working with customers throughout their IT lifecycle, building tailored solutions that meet their needs and budget, as well as going above and beyond on support requirements – even when the proverbial “house is burning down”. 


But we also acknowledge that no company is an island and to this end we have developed relationships with a number of leading global and local IT vendors and partners to complement our service offerings. 



What do we stand for


At IT Trust we place the customer at the heart of all of our interactions, building technology solutions that meet their business needs. We believe that technology must meet the needs of the business and never dictate what the customer is able to achieve. In short, technology must first and foremost be an enabler.  

How do we achieve this? 

  • Through building and nurturing long-term business relationships with our customers
  • Leading with integrity, building trust and working honestly
  • By fostering knowledge sharing and continuously investing in our technical teams
  • Focussing on team work as a means to improve productivity
  • Consistently delivering the highest quality of service and the best in solutions
  • Working above and beyond industry standards in order to lead in the areas of service and support




Building on the pillars of quality service, partnerships, professionalism and superior knowledge of IT, IT Trust strives to be the IT Service Provider of choice for SME customers throughout South Africa.  





Through professional services we aim to provide our customers with IT solutions that leverage only the best from the ever evolving and dynamic technology industry, distinguishing ourselves through our service ethic, delivery mechanisms and attention to detail.


Business Objectives


While alliances sit at the heart of the business, the IT Trust team aims to be a “Product Independent Service and Support Partner” to small, medium and enterprise customers.  


What does this mean to you? We will never crowbar an inferior technology into your environment. Instead we look to partner with vendors, OEM partners and technology manufacturers who have appropriate solutions to help build modern technology solutions that are flexible, scalable and that meet the exacting needs of each customer.   


Our commitment to our technology partners can be evidenced through our continual investment in the internal skills needed to support each product and solution stack. Skills we eagerly impart with customers when working on projects.  



Products and Services


Not all technology solutions are created equal. Nor is every client’s environment the same as another. It is because of this that we at IT Trust work to a model driven by innovation and customisation.  

We will develop networking, desktop and service solutions based on your business objectives, carefully matching and scoping the right tech to your environment. This is really where our partnerships and agreements with OEM vendors come into play.

When a new process needs to be implemented, people are involved in training, acceptance and implementation across all relevant levels. Impact to business, people, toolsets and other processes are communicated and tested before approval and implementation. IT Trust runs a fully operational hardware and software sales division for procurement or price comparisons. 



Cloud and Online Services

Our team will help you to embrace cloud technologies in your business. Whether these are private, public or hybrid models, we will assist you with the provision of ubiquitous, on-demand access to cloud solutions that support your business needs.  

Our cloud services extend networks, servers, storage, applications and services and as a managed services provider we offer clients complete remote managed support (ITT connect) packages at competitive pricing.


Our cloud services portfolio includes:

  • Online backup services
  • Hosted server solution
  • Hosted/VOIP PBX
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Managed services solutions (ITT connect) with SLA
  • Web design and development
  • Office 365


Biometrics and Security Solutions


The use and deployment of biometric, CCTV and physical security solutions as complementary to your business environment – whether it is for access control or time and attendance – is growing. Let your IT Trust team help you map and design biometric


solutions that integrate with your business environment, providing you with the data you need to monitor staff, ensure the security of your premises, as well as help you identify where you can bolster productivity.  



Support and Maintenance Services


Buying technology is one thing. Effectively deploying, maintaining and supporting your IT environment is another. Thus, IT Trust has developed a range of support services, whether these be onsite or remotely managed, that are mapped to your business and IT requirements.  


Our goal? To act as an extension of your team – acknowledging that downtime is not a luxury the modern business can afford. 


Support Services - Introduction on Service Level Agreements


With an SLA agreement from IT Trust you can be assured of the highest quality in delivery standards for your IT environment. When entering into an SLA with us you can take advantage of fast professional technical and support services as and when you need them.  


How does it work?


Simply buy a fixed number of onsite support hours from IT Trust, tailor the requirements to meet your needs whether these are onsite or remote, and you have access to your very own IT team whenever you have a need.   


But we won’t just answer your call when there is a problem. We believe in preventative maintenance so all SLA customers are visited regularly at fixed times to ensure the smooth running of your business as well as to troubleshoot any snags we may find on our visit. We also provide SLA customers with remote monitoring services where we do daily checks of your servers and workstations.  





We focus on presenting our clients with the best solution possible for their network environment and then supporting and managing the environment for optimal performance.